Our Story

A History of Innovation

G.M. Root, Inc. is a globally recognized company specializing in vent plug manufacturing for the tire industry, founded in 1956 by Glenn M. Root, an inventor of automated machinery for the tire industry. Glenn was a problem solver at heart with a great mechanical aptitude. After 20+ years of operating as a successful original equipment manufacturer (OEM), he was presented with a new challenge – the energy crisis of the late 1970’s. With rising oil and rubber costs, tire manufacturers needed to find ways to reduce waste and streamline production.

With a solid reputation in the tire industry, G.M.Root was approached and asked to help refine and develop a better vent plug to save on material costs. Glenn M. Root along with his sons, Richard and Ronald Root, were successful in producing and manufacturing a powder metal micro-vent with unmatched precision and repeatability, and have ever since been a prominent player in the industry.

G.M. Root, Inc. has served the tire industry for more than six decades. The high quality of our vent plugs stems from years of industry expertise, dedication and product development through feedback from our customers, which include several major multi-national organizations.

The company is now in its third generation, headed since early 2014 by Rory Root, who brings new energy and a renewed passion – with a commitment to retain its position as a leading manufacturer of micro-vents through exploration of new technologies and systems, combined with its core principal of customer service.



  • Premium product complying with international quality standards
  • Prompt delivery with satisfaction guarantee
  • Competitive pricing
  • Stringent testing procedures
  • Customized service to meet client requirements
  • To listen to our customers and develop our products to match their needs
  • To share our knowledge and expertise, and aid our customers in creating a superior end product

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